In the new horror film Afflicted, a vacationing American contracts a disease in Paris which seems to gift him superpowers — including the ability to run at 60 kilometers per hour. Well, that’s one way to beat the traffic snarl around the Arc de Triomphe.

Click Here >>>   >>>  >>>Watch Afflicted Online Free

Click Here >>>   >>>  >>> Watch Afflicted Online Free

Written, directed by, and starring genre up-and-comers Clif Prowse and Derek Lee, this found footage film will be released theatrically and via VOD on April 4. But first, you can check out the film’s new trailer below.
CBS Films' Afflicted has the potential to be a surprise horror hit. Found footage may be a stale concept at this point, but from what I've heard from TIFF and Fantastic Fest shows that the movie has the potential to launch writer/directors Derek Lee and Clif Prowse from up-and-coming filmmakers to a modern horror duo that could define the next wave of the genre.

We should gear up to see a lot more from Afflicted, as it's finally gotten a theatrical and VOD release set for April 4. There's no word on how big of a theatrical release it will be, but you can definitely check out the movie on iTunes, Amazon, VUDU, Google Play, Cable On Demand, Playstation and XBOX no matter where you are.

Clif Prowse, Derek Lee, Edo Van Breemen, Zachary Gray, and Baya Rehaz star in the movie.